Eine Geschichte mit nur 50 Wörtern

Habt ihr auch schon einmal eine Geschichte geschrieben, die nur aus 50 Worten besteht? Nein, dann versucht es doch einmal. Aber vorsichtig, die Geschichte darf weder 49 noch 51 Wörter beinhalten, sondern exakt die Zahl 50 muss geknackt sein. Das hat der Leistungskurs Englisch ausprobiert und dabei den ein oder anderen verblüfft. Die Ideen waren vielfältig, aber lest einfach selbst und vor allem probiert es selbst einmal aus – egal ob in Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch, Türkisch, Spanisch, …

Raja was dashing between the mass of people attending celebrations. She chose her next victim. It wore an enchanted necklace. Slowly she drew closer. She managed to unclasp it as her victim turned. The cold night spent in jail would only make the trickster more determined to steal the necklace.

(written by Lisa Zörner, J1)

Monke is a monkey. He lives a dream life, relaxing in the green and vividly sprouting forests of Borneo. All he does every day all day is eat, relax and eat. His favorite food is fruit, although most of the time he eats leaves. I would love to be Monke.

(written by Josha Kuhn, J1)

„Don‘ be so dramatic.“ Four simple words that invalidated my traumatic experience. There was no end to the bullying and no support from my beloved mother. I have moved on but my trust still unearned from my birthgiver. „Bullying has to stop“ I heard my mother comfort my little sister.

(dritten by Ivy Troung, J1)

Running, Peter snapped hard for breath. The desert-like area let him feel disorientated. One time he was exhausted that he suddenly fell down on his knees. The sand dirted his black jeans, the sun at the highest spot glanced at him. „Boy, get up! You are running out of tim!“

(written by Douaa Malahefji, J1)

He went down the stairs. It was dark and the steps were cold. At the bottom of the stairs he walked carefully in the direction where he thought the light-switch was. The light wasn‘t very bright, when he switched it on. That was, when a cold hand touched his back.

(written by Paul Schieber, J1)

„How far are you?“ The old woman besides her asks. She sighs „7th months“. – „Your family must be excited“, she states. „I only have my mother, everyone else is dead.“ – „I’m sorry to hear that“. The bus comes. „Come on mom, that’s our bus.“ The pregnant woman takes her hand.

(written by Evin-Melek Baci, J1)

No phone battery. No water. The next bunker is miles away. She just has to try. There is no other choice. As i fit wasn’t complicated enough, the sun is already setting, which means they are coming. She must hurry or she will end up as one of them. Zombies.

(written by Coralie Mechler, J1)