Underrated heroes: Women

Although women have proven over the last decades what they are capable of, many people still do not understand what they are worth in this world. They give birth to us, try to make our life as comfortable as they can and what are we doing? Most just do not do anything. They are enjoying what they are getting without a care in this world. Now you are probably asking yourself why? Well obviously because men feel threatened by women.

Nowadays most people own a smartphone. We all benefit from the possibility to communicate even if we are far away from the other person. But have you ever wondered because of whom we have these possibilities? Because of a woman. Hedy Lamarr invented in the 1940s a radio signaling device, because of which we can communicate wirelessly nowadays. This obviously shows what incredible things women are capable of. So the question is why would we hinder them from being their best self?

It would most definitely shock a lot of you when I say that there are still too many countries that do not have a good education system for girls. One of the best examples is Afghanistan. It has been decades since the Taliban era and the system still has not progressed enough. If it develops even the tiniest bit they find an excuse to stop it. One perfect example is the Covid-19 situation, that stopped the whole progress just when it started.

But even if the system would be outrageous, there would still be a lot of families that would never allow their daughters to go to school. The idea that girls are not supposed to go to school and have a decent education is extremely deep in the heads of the population. This is a big problem because why should the system change if the people do not want to change it? And if girls are being told that they cannot study and that they should not do it then they believe it and teach their children the same thing. It is a never-ending cycle.

This problem of ignorance could be solved if the few grades, girls in Afghanistan actually visit would teach them their possibilities and abilities. But the quality is so poor that they do not actually learn anything. So even if they get to do more school, it is not worth their time because it will not teach them enough.

One can say that a lot of people, specifically men, do not want to give young girls the education they need to achieve something because for them the girls would steal the power from them, and they will never allow that. So the only chance these girls have is if women, that have the privilege of having power, fight for them. I am shocked at the low number of people that are actually interested in this massive problem. It makes me sick to my stomach when I hear people say that this is not their problem or that these girls do not want an education. Because they are wrong. Most girls want it but they do not know what it is or how to get it.

And a lot of people have no idea that this is happening. So inform yourself about your education system and ask yourself if it is as excellent as you think. And if not do something about it and tell other people, because we can only make a change if we work together against it.

Source: https://world-education-blog.org/category/conflict/

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